Knife Sharpening Becomes More Enjoyable With Portable Knife Sharpener

Before doing outdoor activities, preparing knife and portable knife sharpener is important. In many actions such as camping, hunting, backpacking, military exercise, and repairing, this stuffed is often forgotten, especially the sharpener. A Blunt knife is very dangerous as it causes an injury. The results of chopping process are also not good. Without a sharpener, the knife does not maximum in use. The handy blade sharpener is a solution for blade pointing in any situation.

There are so many kinds of portable knife sharpener products in the market. The difference could be seen from the materials, some are made from ceramic, the other kind is made from steel, and there are pocket sharpeners that made from stone too. Whatever you choose, it depends on your needs and style. You can choose based on the shapes and sizes, some are ultra slim to popular. There is a flat Lansky Puck. There is a slightly larger natural grindstone. Generally, it is used for high quality blades.

A person probably chooses a straight edge blade that has a jagged edge at the other side, then a portable wet rock, such as Diamond DC4. It’s a reasonable choice to sharpen a pocket knife. Some people are choosing to use a knife sharpener that has jagged teeth and carry a multi-functional tool with some edge design. The way to use it is by means of knife blade with some dynamic file angle. Choosing this type is the right choice.

There are three kinds of portable knife sharpener that might be suitable for your style for you. The first one is Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal. It is very light and simple. The handle is made from Carbide V Plates, which is replaceable and has good capability. The next choice is DMT F70F pocket knife sharpener. The surface is made from diamond that makes the sharpening process 6 times more effective. The measure is only 3.5 inches. The solid design shows that it is durable and has consistent performances. The last one is Wusthof 2899 2 Stage Pocket Knife Sharpener. The shape is very cute and it seems like a key holder. This tool provides carbide slot V plate that sharpens the blunt edge of the blade with friction at an angle of 90º for optimal results.

Generally, using Portable Knife Sharpener can make your activities become easier than using the manual sharpener. It’s more effective, you can carry wherever you go especially for the hikers and backpackers. This little tool is convenient for every outside motion (source:

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